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Fire Show  +/- 20min

Part I

  • Show with the use of fireballs on chains, so-called: POI. Its roots can be seen in Maori weaving arts, where women, to strengthen their wrists, used small balls on strings, which they waved energetically.

  • Cooperation with several participants from the audience.


Part II

  • Dance with fire ROPE DART, which is derived from Chinese martial arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi. To this day, many Chinese monasteries teach martial arts with the use of rope darts. The most famous is the Shaolin monastery, where many foreign students are also educated.


Part III

  • Interpretation of the Indian dance Silambam. It is a martial dance based on folk tradition, where with a long stick (here CONTACT STAFF), the participant defends and attacks himself. In our edition, to increase the tension in the audience, it will obviously be a stick with live fire on both ends. 


Welcome !


  • Scene decoration: torches + fire construction on the back.

  • Newlyweds or birthday person lights fire heart.

  • Fire photo session - after show.














LED Show  +/- 20min

  • Show with long LED lamps that display, selected by you earlier, colorfull images .

  • These can be photographs, drawings, inscriptions, geometric and plant representations.

  • I would advise variable images as to subject and color, so that the show would be attractive to the viewers. Less complicated images look better.

  • If it is a Wedding, for example, the faces of the Bride and Groom surrounded by the heart may be displayed, for example sailing colonies one could see different types of sailboats in the paintings, if an event may appear in turn with faces of participants alternating with geometric patterns or plant motifs , etc.

  • It is also possible to load subtitles into led lamps. They may be wishes of happiness and prosperity, trip slogans, if it was a language camp: phrases in a foreign language, if there is a sponsor, who may be thanked by the name of his company, etc.


Welcome !


  • The ability to load images you want for LED lamps.

  • Original costumes.

  • An amazing impression that stays in the memory of every viewer for a long time.

I have my own sound equipment,
Occurs throughout the World,
I am professional and creative.




There is a possibility to adjust the show to the client's personal needs.

Ani Pelu