About me


I am a native Polish woman, but I spent last 5 years in South Asia, where I practiced Flow Arts under the guidance of the best masters and between other artists.

Probably not all of you had the opportunity to meet this fraze before.

Therefore, below are a few words for explanation.







Flow Arts is a fairly new term, but what is hidden under it is not new at all. 

This is a general term used to describe a variety of interwoven movement disciplines. These can be disciplines such as dance, juggling, fire-spinning, manipulation of objects, etc. Flow Arts draws a lot from Eastern martial arts and yoga. It includes various activities, where through the achievement of technique and creative expression, the participant reaches the state of "Here and Now" awareness, the so-called Flow.




After five years of intensive practice, two years in front of Asian audience, participating in many juggling and Flow Arts festivals, I am finally ready to perform in front of a more diverse audience.


I also encourage everyone who wants to try this extraordinary adventure of Flow Arts !

If you would like to risk this intriguing and immersive field of sport, I'm open to help :).


Welcome !



Ani Pelu